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You have decided that it is best to get your air ducts cleaned to keep your family safe and breathing fresh air, but what exactly does the air duct cleaning process entail. The specially trained and professional technicians at Air Duct Cleaning in Minnesota will answer all your questions and provide you with a brochure explaining in detail how we clean air ducts. Below is a list of steps that are involved in the air duct cleaning process:
1. Arrival- Air Duct Cleaning in Minnesota technician will arrive at the scheduled time and answer any questions you may have regarding the inspection and air duct cleaning process.
2. Inspection- A Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) will inspect your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system and all ductwork to check for problems. The CVI will provide you with a written estimate, including pictures, so you know what work has to be done. If you decide to have your air ducts cleaned, you can either have it done at the time of the inspection or schedule the service at a later date.
3. System Operation- Before beginning to clean the system one of our certified technicians will turn on the HVAC system and make sure that it is working correctly.
4. Clean Furnace and Air Conditioner- Our certified technician will disconnect the power for safety and then use a HEPA vacuum to clean the interior furnace and air conditioner, including the coils and blower.
5. Clean all registers and grills- Our certified technician will then remove all registers and clean them by hand.
6. Set Up and Protection- Our certified technician will cover floors and furniture to protect them from dirt and damage. During the cleaning process, our technicians will wear protective shoe covers to make sure they do not leave any dirt or debris inside your home.
7. Clean Air Ducts- Our certified technician will then clean all the air ducts with powerful air duct cleaning equipment and to ensure that the air ducts are correctly cleaned we will also use brushes and air whips to break contaminants loose so they can be removed.
8. Cover Up and Clean Up- Once everything has been appropriately cleaned we will cover up any openings and holes to help prevent further contamination and then we will clean up any debris left behind after the air duct cleaning and place a tag on your system showing the date of the service and the next recommended cleaning date.

Call Air Duct Cleaning in Minnesota at (888) 449-9776 or visit our website to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about scheduling your air duct cleaning today.